The Benefits of Cool Roof Coatings

It’s hard to remember a time when most people weren’t thinking about saving energy. In addition to unpredictable price spikes driven by geopolitics and natural disasters, we’re now far more aware of the effects of energy production and consumption on the environment. If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial or industrial building, you have good reasons to spend a lot of time thinking about this subject. 

Cool roof coatings address multiple energy-related concerns. By reflecting sunlight, they reduce the amount of heat absorbed by traditional roofing materials. By doing so, they not only save you money but also reduce the amount of energy that has to be generated in your area and, indirectly, related emissions. Here’s a brief discussion of the benefits that roof coatings can provide to you, your community, and the planet.

Energy efficiency: The refractive qualities of cool roof coatings begin with their color, white, at the opposite end of the spectrum from virtually all traditional roofing materials. As the sun’s rays strike the coating, a substantial percentage of the solar energy is reflected away rather than absorbed by the building. Instead of being transferred through the roof to the air inside the building, the majority of the heat never enters in the first place. The result is reduced need for air conditioning, longer life for your HVAC system, and lower power bills.

In a multistory building, disparities between warmer floors closer to the roof and relatively cooler floors below will be reduced, further reducing strain on air circulation systems. Coatings also reduce variations in both temperature over the workday and humidity.

Longer roof life: Coatings protect roofs from debris and many potentially damaging weather conditions. As roofs expand when they’re hot and contract when they’re cold, cracks can develop that allow moisture in, causing further damage. Since roof coatings are elastomeric, they stretch as roofs “swell” and shrink, continuing to protect vulnerable areas and block rainfall. 

Environmental advantages: Unfortunately, many methods of power generation release gases into the atmosphere that contribute to climate change. By reducing energy consumption, roof coatings also reduce these emissions. Research has shown that roof coatings can even help to ameliorate “heat islands,” areas within cities where groups of heat-absorbing buildings and parking lots produce persistently higher temperatures compared to surrounding areas.

Saving money: A cool roof coating represents spending today, but it will repay that investment multiple times over in energy savings. You’ll save even more in the long term by reducing the need for roof maintenance and extending the working life of both your roof and your HVAC system. A roof coating can also help you to obtain sustainable building certifications like Green Star and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the tax advantages that accompany them.

Picture your workplace. The HVAC system is silent, because the interior temperature is already comfortable. You’re at your desk reviewing a report that summarizes all the money you’ve recently saved on power bills and roof maintenance. The comfortable atmosphere has led to increased productivity. Your roof is now expected to last five years longer than you had planned, giving the company more time to set aside the money to replace it. You’ve noticed that the air outside your building is more comfortable; since your neighbors have joined you in purchasing roof coatings, the average temperature has gone down across the whole area.

The argument for investing in a cool roof coating is a strong one even before considering that you’ll be helping the environment by reducing overall demand for electricity. To learn more about the cool roof coating that’s right for your needs, contact Energy Seal today.