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With knowledge and experience from coating thousands of roofs, our installers are true experts in the Energy Seal coating application process. To view how the process works with different products on various roofing substrates, view our videos below.

This MASTER APPLICATION-SPEC is a brief outline of Advanced Coating Systems, Inc.’s (ACS) Manufacturers Specifications for the specified system and is intended for use as a submittal with any bid package by one of ACS’ Certified Applicators. ACS Representative and the Certified Applicator must comply with the “Application” section of all Technical Data Bulletins prior to design or bid. The “Product” and “Safety” sections located on the Technical Data Sheet and MSDS contain information pertaining to the proper usage of products as well as applicable safety precautions. These sections must be thoroughly reviewed prior to the installation of this roofing system.

Metal Roof Coating Application:

  • To prepare the roof, mechanical fasteners are tightened and/or replaced.
  • The roof surface is cleaned using a pressure washer with Acu-Wash.
  • The HVAC condensation drains are rerouted to roof drains.
  • Any deteriorated metal panels are replaced.
  • Using a steady pace to ensure proper coverage, the roof is primed using an airless sprayer and Acu-Metal Prime.
  • All fasteners are caulked with Acu-Caulk, and all seams and penetrations are sealed.
  • Horizontal and vertical seams are reinforced using Acu-Caulk and Acu-Fabric.
  • After the roof is thoroughly cleaned and prepared, Acu-Shield is applied with a multi-pass technique to ensure an even application.
  • A wet film gauge is used frequently to ensure proper film thickness.
  • After the first coat is cured, a second coat of Acu-Shield is applied, parallel to the ribs.
  • Each coat cures for 24 to 48 hours, depending on humidity and temperature.

Brush and Roller Roof Coating Application:

  • To prepare the roof, the surface is thoroughly cleaned using a pressure washer.
  • Acu-Wash is applied using a pump-up sprayer and allowed to thoroughly dry.
  • The roof is primed with Acu-Prime-All using a synthetic paintbrush or roller brush and is left 24 hours to dry.
  • The surface is detailed, and damaged areas like seams and cracks are repaired using Acu-Caulk and Acu-Fabric.
  • The roof is coated with Acu-Shield using a roller brush and is allowed to dry for 24 to 48 hours. After the first coat is cured, a second coat is applied.
  • Following the second coat, the surface is left to cure for 24 to 48 hours, depending on humidity and temperature.

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