You’ve noticed evidence of a roof leak – either water visibly dripping or other signs of water intrusion. What now? Replacing a roof due to leaks, no matter the severity, isn’t always an option for businesses, particularly in today’s uncertain times. Thankfully, there are more budget-friendly solutions for repairing leaks with Advanced Coating Systems. Just make sure you do your research.

Determine the Source of the Leak 

Seems easy enough, right? Actually, sometimes leaks that appear to be coming from the roof are actually originating from windows, HVAC units, plumbing, or other less obvious sources. The first step is to rule out causes other than the roof membrane itself. Either you or a contractor will then need to scour the roof’s surface for the source of the leak. The telltale clues to look for include blisters, cracks, or other punctures along the flashing or roof joints. Also inspect any degradation of the roof around downspouts. Don’t stop after locating a single source. Older roofs often present multiple points of seepage due to years of wear and tear. 

Investigate the Extent of the Leak

Once you’re certain about the cause of the water intrusion, you’ll have a better sense of the seriousness of the issue. Here are a few questions that will help you assess the level of damage.

  1. If you have rolled roofing, is there evidence of curling or buckling?
  2. Do you have stains on the ceiling or mold near the leak?
  3. Does the water intrusion seem further from the identified leak source than you might have expected?

If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are the leak has been there a while. Regardless of the extent of the leak, you’ll want to act fast, as these problems can get out of hand quickly. 

What Are Your Options?

If you have no budget constraints, roof replacement may be an option. But many people think that’s their onlyoption other than a short-term patch fix, and that’s simply not the case. There are plenty of new roof coating technologies that can effectively give your roof a new life. Just bear in mind that not all coatings are equal, so do your due diligence and ask your supplier questions. 

Is This a DIY or Professional Job? 

First and foremost, check to see if your roof is still under any kind of warranty. If you’re out of luck in that department, you’ve got a decision to make. In most cases, unless you have experience in the roofing industry and/or the issue is extremely minor, it’s best to contract the job out. You’ll want to do your research when determining the best choice for the job. Read reviews and case studies, and look for other resources that will help you make the best decision possible. Consider all the benefits of liquid applications, including their protections against future leaks. 

You want a professional job that is going to greatly extend the longevity of your roof, not just a Band-Aid. Energy Seal Coatings has a team of trusted, skilled experts ready to take on any cool roof job you need. If you could use a first, second, or third opinion, we’re here to help. Contact us today.