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Competitive Cross-reference

Roof Coating Quick Reference

Energy Seal Coatings Sealoflex ER Systems HydroStop Apoc National Coating Uniflex United Coatings
Acu-Wash CleanAct Industrial Cleaner United Cleaning Concentrate
Acu-Caulk:BG Buttergrade Acrylic 1000 FG Butter Grade #260 Roof Patch AcryFlex Acrylic Patching Butter Grade
Acu-Caulk:FG Flashing Grade #515 Liquid Flash
Acu-Prime All Sealbond Primer Acrylic Asphalt Primer SureBond Primer #230 Acrylic Base Coat CleanSeal A101 Acrylic Primer Unibase Primer
Acu-Metal Prime Metal Etch Acrylic Metal Rust Primer StabelRust #291 Rust Primer RustShield A120 Acrylic Rust Primer Acrylex 400
Acu-Shield Finish Coat Acrylic 1000 Premium Finish Coat #252 White AcryShield A719 41-500 Roof Mate
Acu-Tac Unibase #567 Pro-Tack Unibase
Acu-Base Coat Sealoflex Pink Foundation Coat
Acu-Sil Prime Polyurethane Metal Rust Primer #583 Armor Base Solvent Based Elasto. Epoxy Primer
Acu-Epoxy Prime #298 A&B Primer Unisil Primer
Acu-Caulk:SM #581 Armor Flash Silicone Flashing Solvent Base Roof Repair
Acu-Flex:100 OneStep #585 Armor Flex Slicone 44 Unisil HS
Acu-Fabric Sealoflex Fabric Tie-Tex Premium Coat Fabric #272 Polyester T272 Polyester Fabic Roof Mate Fabric
Acu-Thane Polyurethane 300

cross reference between similar products from different manufacturers. It is not intended to show exact product matches. Any product not listed is an oversight and not meant as a deliberate omission. All product names and brands are the property of their respective owners. All company, products, and brand names used in this document are for identification purposes only. Use of these names and brands does not imply endorsement.