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In 1994 Advanced Coating Systems, a privately held corporation, recognizing the potential in the emerging acrylic roof coating market in the United States, created a division called Energy Seal Coatings to help develop this market. Since its inception, Energy Seal Coatings has been both a pioneer and a leader in ‘Cool Roof’ coating technology.

With it roots firmly grounded in acrylic coating technology, Energy Seal Coatings was inspirational in aiding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy in the formation of the Energy Star rated roofing products rating system. Having a charter membership in the Energy Star program as well as membership in the Cool Roof Rating Council and the LEED Green Building programs has made Energy Seal Coatings a leader in the Cool Roof industry. Energy Seal Coatings continues to provide building owners, architects, roofing consultants and engineers with a cost effective alternative to roof replacement. Our “Re-New It” solar reflective, waterproofing roof coating systems have proven their value on millions of square feet of roofing world-wide.

Our company’s commitment to its core principals of providing technological improvements to acrylic and silicone coatings, satisfies our customers’ needs and reduces the demand on energy, positively affecting our environment.

This commitment has carried Energy Seal Coatings from a small regional roof coating supplier to an internationally recognized leader in “Cool Roof” technology.



Supply energy efficient building envelope solutions, which reduces man’s impact on the environment, saving the building owner money and extending the service life of the building.


At Energy Seal Coatings, “Energy Seal” means a whole lot more.  It goes beyond saving the building owner money on reduced energy consumption.  It also means caring for the earth by reducing “Heat Island” effects on local climates and reducing greenhouse gasses on a regional and a national level. As well as reducing landfill over use by limiting existing roof tear-offs. It also means greatly extending the service life of a building, there by prolonging its usefulness and functionality.


Strive to become the global leader in building envelope energy efficient coating solutions.



Energy Seal Family

Steve McGuinness

Graduated from LSU in 1987.  Married in 1988.  I have two children, son in college (LSU) and a daughter that has graduated and has gotten married (she’s off the payroll).  I started the company in 1984 after seeing how effective elastomeric coatings were on reducing heat and stopping roof leaks.  Personal achievements; summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, black belt in Taekwondo, private pilot’s license, avid scuba diver, have traveled to 22 countries and counting.  In an attempt to “out run old age” I have taken up competing in Ironman Triathlons.  Guess this is my midlife crisis.

Future goal, Everest Basecamp when my son graduates from LSU.

Life is too short to be complacent! 

Michael McGuinness

Michael McGuinness, National Sales Manager, has been employed by Advanced Coating Systems since 2005. He and his family relocated to Georgia from San Jose, California where he was a Sales Rep/Buyer in the Recycle/Scrap Industry. He has been married to his wife, Martha, since May, 1994. They have three wonderful children, Liam 20, Aidan 15, and Bridget 13. He is a very involved dad as he has coached both son’s basketball and baseball teams over the years and is an active supporter in his daughter’s activities. His wife is a teacher at their parish preschool and loves being able to instill the joy of learning in these young minds! To round out his family, he has his dog, Tyco, a cat named Kitty, and Ethel the chicken! Michael feels living in the North Georgia Mountains is a perfect place to raise a family who enjoys travel baseball, camping, hiking, mountain biking, path finding and socializing with friends and neighbors.

Lynn Montgomery
Operations Manager

I have been the Operations Manager at Advanced Coating Systems for 13 plus years.  It’s a great place to work where we work hard and laugh a lot; that’s as good as it gets!  I have been a Georgia girl from day one where I have raised, and still raising, three beautiful daughters.  I suppose they keep me young by making me crazy!

When I’m not working I enjoy working out, music, being outdoors and riding motorcycles and fast cars. I am also an active member of my church.  My faith in God is what makes all these things so good and sooo sweet!

Phil Fait
Sales Representative

I am in my 35th year of marriage with a wonderful woman, we have two children, six grandchildren and two Wiemaraners who think they are kids too. My professional history is 34 years of commercial industrial roofing sales with 18 years of coatings experience. My hobbies include collecting wine and golf. Which while I like golf a lot it doesn’t seem to like me back. I prefer to inspect each job myself because as I was taught “ever building has it’s own personality”.

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